Amaro Camatti World’s Best Bitter 2023

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World Liqueur Awards

Amaro Camatti received the World’s Best Bitter Award by the jury of the World Liqueur Awards 2023, one of the most important competition in the Spirits and Mixology field.

Our amaro has defeated all competition in tastings, coming first in the Italian herbal category, and then reaching the highest podium in the world. Amaro Camatti thus obtained three awards: Best Italian Herbal Liqueur (Best Italian HERBAL), Best Italian Bitter in the World (World’s Best Bitter) and the gold medal (GOLD) among Italian bitters.

“These awards make us proud and mark a new stage for us. – – says Stefano Bergamino, owner of the Cinque Terre Distillery, which owns the Amaro Camatti brand – The affection that the Ligurians have always reserved for us tells a lot about the value and quality of our product, but we are happy that they are awarded internationally.“.

The titles won in this competition demonstrate how current and inimitable the taste of our amaro is still.
If you haven’t already, you have to try it!

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To access Amaro Camatti you must be the minimum age for drinking alcohol set by the law of the nation in which you reside.