Amaro Camatti is a historic brand, and it has always represented the authenticity of Liguria and its culture. Many of us share the brand’s values and experience a deep sense of belonging towards our community.
After two years of lockdowns and social distancing, we now look forward to hitting the streets of Genova and Liguria again to meet new friends, have fun and share the power of human warmth. We’ll have the opportunity to do so thanks to our Ambassadors, six Ligurian mixologists selected to represent Amaro Camatti both in their bars and out!


Our six Camatti Ambassadors will take a lead role in our communication campaigns. They will be involved in all the events and initiatives launched by the brand and… they will also be presented with a challenge.

Besides being added to our drink list, all the Camatti cocktails created by our ambassadors will participate in a contest: our community members will vote their favourite cocktail on our social media profiles. The winner will be awarded a dedicated 2022 communication campaign!


Rumour has it that he learned how to make a perfect espresso long before learning his maths.

He studied hospitality and set off to explore different Italian destinations while he continued studying, and finding inspiration in other fields as well (music, cinema, foreign and local cultures).

He has worked as a bartender, staff trainer, brand ambassador in the field of mixology, until he came up with the idea of writing books and spreading his knowledge on everything concerning the cheeky and whimsical cocktail culture.


Gabriele Palumbo


Davide Volterra



Born between Pra and Pegli, he stumbled upon the concept of mixology at the early age of 8 in an attempt to making mint syrup!

He took his first steps in the beverage industry with homebrewing and absinthe infusion, while attending high school, specializing in classical studies and bartending here and there in Genova. After roughly 25 years of bartending, he now manages the Locksmith Secret Bar, Negroneria Genovese, and Lo Speziale bitters and liqueurs, his latest challenge, where he is diving deep into the world of local and Italian liqueur production.



Born in Genoa, raised in Rapallo, also known as ‘Giorgio della Gondola’, Gondola being the first American Bar on the Ligurian Riviera back in the sixties.

Member of AIBES, he took part in several national competitions, achieving excellent results and taking pride in promoting Rapallo, his hometown. After all, this is where he started producing cocktails with local ingredients, promoting the excellent local products of Liguria enhancing their flavours and smells.

He currently works at La Terrasse, Hotel Helios, in Santa Margherita Ligure.


Giorgio Pocorobba


Alessia Marchisio



Born in Villa Viani, Imperia, she started working as a bartender by chance.

After taking her first steps in the industry, mixology cast a spell on her and she decided to take part in a training course… That was love at first sight! She then decided to invest more energy in studying, which paid off – colleagues and customers started appreciating her great passion.

Today you can find her behind the counter of U Cavetu – Osteria Modern & Lounge Bar. The bar’s signature cocktails promote product seasonality as well as quality, research and… Good food, of course.



Manager at Terminus Café, La Spezia, also known as Misao.

At the age of 25, he started developing a keen interest in bartending and, a few years later, he started gaining knowledge and experience in the field, trying to race through the stages of his career. He worked with great professionals and tried to gain as much experience as possible, both in Italy (Florence), and abroad (Kenya and England).

At the age of 40, he made his way back to La Spezia. He is now convinced that the secret for a bar to succeed lies in being welcoming as well as in promoting the local territory.


Marco Misao Di Gregorio

La Spezia

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To access Amaro Camatti you must be the minimum age for drinking alcohol set by the law of the nation in which you reside.