Amaro Camatti, international awards and recognition in 2024

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amaro camatti sip awards

In its centennial year, Amaro Camatti confirmed itself as a benchmark among Italian bitters, winning the Double Gold Medal at the Sip Awards International Spirits Competition, a renowned California competition.

It is a competition that boasts a jury composed of consumers, recognized the excellence of Amaro Camatti among nearly 800 competitors, through a blind tasting process that guarantees impartiality and honesty in judging.

Two major honors also come from the World Liqueur Awards, with theSilver Medal for theLabel Design Category and the Bronze Medal in the Amari (Herbal) Category, enshrining the most iconic labels. These successes are in addition to the Best World Bitter award obtained in May 2023 in the same competition, consolidating Amaro Camatti’s position as excellence in the international spirits scene.

The prestigious awards come at a very significant time for Amaro Camatti, which celebrates its first 100 years of history this year, marked by a tradition of unmistakable quality and passion.

“These awards represent not only the celebration of a quality product, but also the consecration of a company history full of passion and dedication,” says Stefano Bergamino, head of Distilleria Cinque Terre, the company that produces Amaro Camatti. “These are the values we want to convey with every sip of our bitter.”

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