Amaro Camatti in Rimini for TTG and in Lipari for Mirabilia, two important events in the world of food and beverage

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After participating in international exhibitions, we are returning to showcase our Amaro at two significant beverage industry events in Italy: TTG in Rimini and Mirabilia in Lipari.

From October 11th to 13th, we will be in Rimini with the Liguria Together Consortium to participate in the largest tourism fair in Italy, TTG. Located at the Rimini exhibition center, TTG is the premier event in the tourism industry, showcasing Italian regional excellence, including the food and beverage sector. In this context, visitors will have the opportunity to taste Amaro Camatti and discover its unique flavor that has already won the hearts of many!

Afterwards, from October 14th to 18th, we will be visiting the enchanting island of Lipari, where we’ll take part to the event Mirabilia with the support of Camera di Commercio di Genova. This fair is a unique opportunity to explore the best of Italian enogastronomy and provides the perfect setting to offer tastings of our Amaro, bringing the flavors of Liguria all the way to Sicily!

Can’t wait to see you at TTG in Rimini and Mirabilia in Lipari!

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To access Amaro Camatti you must be the minimum age for drinking alcohol set by the law of the nation in which you reside.