Amaro Camatti goes back to Milan for the Aperitivo Festival 2023

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aperitivo festival locandina 2023

On the World Aperitivo Day (the next 26th of May), we will be back to Milan for the second edition of the Aperitivo Festival

The event, which will take place at NHOW MILAN from the 26th to the 28th of May, will host many representatives of the Italian enogastronomic market who will present their exquisite combos for a totally Italian aperitif.

Together with our Ambassador team we will serve our special drink Camallo in collaboration with Ginuensis. The perfect food match with Camallo is delicous Genoese focaccia hand-made by Antica Forneria Recco and presented by Carrefour,our food partner for the event.

Once again this year, the Aperitivo Festival is the perfect opportunity for us to export the authentic and traditional flavors of the Italian aperitivo as stipulated in the Manifesto of the Aperitivo of which we are proud signatories.

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