Become an Amaro Camatti Ambassador

Amaro Camatti is a historic brand, and it has always represented the authenticity of Liguria and its culture. Many of us share the brand’s values and experience a deep sense of belonging towards our community.
After two years of lockdowns and social distancing, we now look forward to hitting the streets of Genova and Liguria again to meet new friends, have fun and share the power of human warmth.

You might just be the one to help us in this endeavor. Become the first Ambassador of Amaro Camatti!

We will select six bartenders who know how to represent the values of our amaro in Liguria and outside the region, enhancing it with their cocktails and creativity, just like true ambassadors.

You are the person we are looking for if you fit this profile:

If you recognize yourself in the description, don’t waste your time and fill out the form now! Registration is open from April 7 to April 28, 2022.

What can you expect in return?

The six people selected will be officially recognized as Camatti Ambassadors and will be among the main protagonists of our communication campaigns. They will also be involved in all events and initiatives organized by the brand and… there will be a challenge

Besides being added to our drink list, all the Camatti cocktails created by our ambassadors will participate in a contest: our community members will vote their favourite cocktail on our social media profiles. The winner will be awarded a dedicated 2022 communication campaign!

Do you want to be the first Amaro Camatti Ambassador? Fill out the form by April 28, 2022.

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Stay tuned: they will open again in a few months!



To access Amaro Camatti you must be the minimum age for drinking alcohol set by the law of the nation in which you reside.